Apparently it’s “National Best Friend Day”…

I am finally home and able to write today’s blog post. I actually felt pretty empty at times during the day because I started a habit with these past posts by writing them as soon as I’ve woken up. But today I wasn’t able to do that because when I woke up, I was on my way somewhere. I went to the beach!


Mexico Beach, FL 2015

I’m going to keep this really short because I’m freakishly tired. It’s probably because I swam in the ocean. But come on, can you blame me? I seriously love being at the beach. Swimming in the ocean is one of my favorite things aside from walking around the shore. I’m not really big on tanning, but I did do some with my friends since they wanted to. It’s not like it will do anything, I have my natural light Cuban skin that won’t hold color. Thanks dad for not giving me your dark Puerto Rican genes.

But today was great, I went with friends on an impromptu girls vacay! We did all the typical things, blast our music on our hour and a half drive to the beach (because Tallahassee isn’t closer to any other beach), ate lunchables, tanned, swam, took photos and snapchats. You know, the usual. It was a lot of fun and I’m happy I was able to go.

Also I found out that today is apparently “National Best Friend Day” so I guess it’s good that Misha and I hung out today. Go us!

Okay, I’m tired now. I’m going to lay down, watch netflix and try to fall asleep. I have more exciting things to look forward to this weekend. I hope you all had a fabulous Monday!

Mexico Beach, FL 2015



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