Invented The Concept of “Embarrassment”…

You know how people have these little habits that get you down? Like Bernie, Bernie liked to chew gum. No, not chew..POP. Okay okay, I’ll stop here with my little “Chicago” reference but I did want to talk about habits.

Habits are a funny thing. They can be good or bad and sometimes we don’t even notice that something has become a habit. Also habits can be something you do on your own or a habit you develop with your friends. One habit I have alone is when I’m left in my apartment (I currently live with my sister) I want to perform around the living room. I know that putting on music and dancing around the house is a normal thing, people do it all the time. But I’m telling you that this embarrassing thing has become something I HAVE to do when I’m left alone in the house. It’s literally an ordeal, I get the urge to pretend I’m on stage and basically perform a one woman musical. It’s an urge that I can’t control, but maybe it’ll help me for future auditions. Who knows? But I think this counts as a habit because I do it quite often. Right now I’m writing and alone in the house and I’m probably going to do this after I post this blog.

A habit I tend to have with others is asking them constantly what they’re doing. Even if I can clearly see, I ask. I have no idea why, but I just want a verbal answer. My friends are pretty use to it but I’m sure they’d love it if I stopped. Sorry guys, I just gotta know WHAT’S UP!

For a bad habit, which is also a horrible coping mechanism is when I’m anxious or nervous I scratch my fingers. Let me explain, this is something no one should do and it’s a habit that I work on constantly to not do. Which I’ve had some success as of late. But you know how sometimes by your nails you can have dry skin? Well when I’m stressed I tend to want to take it off, sometimes when you do that it hurts and can bleed. Then I regret it, so this is a bad habit. I’ve found ways now to deal with my anxiety in a more healthy manner for example, I’ll twirl my earrings, or I’ll just sing one of my favorite broadway songs in my head until I’m calm. But I think it’s best if I shared this bad habit so that if you recognize you do something consistently that isn’t healthy, you can try to find a better way to cope.

Well now that I’ve successfully embarrassed myself with my own personal habits, I should ask all of you about yours. What kind of habit do you have? Especially one alone? Is it as embarrassing as mine? I doubt it, I  practically invented the concept of “embarrassment”.




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