It Has Begun…

I’ve begun to pack up my room. Not completely though since I haven’t bought moving boxes. But the process has started. To be honest, I don’t need to start packing until like mid July but I figured I should do it now because classes start on the 29th of this month.

My friend Rain moves into the house she’s renting with her boyfriend the weekend of the forth of July. They are renting a two bedroom/bath and will have graciously let me stay those few days I’ll be “homeless”. My lease at my current place is up July 31st and I’m not set to move into my new apartment until after August 8th. So thank God my friends are letting me put my stuff in their house and sleep there until I can move.

I’m really excited for Rain though, this is a big step for her and her boyfriend. It’s another adventure and I’m excited to see them journey on it. I also can’t wait to help Rain pack, move and decorate her new place. She’s going to have so much fun.

Great thing, we won’t be that far from each other. Of course Rain drives so she can always come see me but now I’ll even be able to ride my bike to her.

So packing has started, it’s helped me become more motivated in everything I’m doing. Warning in advanced, I might not be able to post because of lack of internet etc unless I’m on campus. This will be temporary until I get internet at my new place. But rest assured, I’ll be taking photos of EVERYTHING so that I can have great posts.

Until next time.



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