I’m going to talk to someone…

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was going through my normal routine. Wake up, get picked up by my friend Emiline, go to Japanese class, and then meet up with Patrick before I go to rehearsal and or home.

Patrick and I decided to change things up a little and instead of eating disappointing food provided by FSU, we went to Chili’s. Whilst eating, Patrick took a moment to tell me he wasn’t happy. There’s an explanation why he wasn’t but it is honestly not my place to speak on it. But in that moment, I felt open enough to share that I also was having a hard time with certain overlapping feelings. We both sat there not sure exactly how to process that the both of us, who are always laughing and checking the cute boys out, were in fact not happy. Patrick had mentioned that he was thinking about going to a therapist on campus. I encouraged him to go because I know how much it can help (although I’ve never gone myself). But I expressed to him how I wished I could go but my insurance. He then told me “Therapy is free on campus, it’s something the school provides for students”.

So we went to check out the center for therapy. They were nice and informed us we need a meeting session before we actually had therapy session. Patrick and I are going this Friday.

I’m actually very nervous for this but just the act of going and knowing I’m ready to start this has lifted some of the weight off of my shoulders. So hopefully talking to someone helps, I know it will.